Zyxel LTE bridge and Linksys Velop Mesh Wi-Fi won't play well

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As my parents are losing their wired broadband, I had to come up with another solution that works in a rural area with spotty coverage. I decided to do things properly and get a Linksys Velop Mesh wi-fi for inside the house and a Zyxel combined modem and directional antenna that goes on the roof. The idea behind the modem on the roof instead of an external directional antenna is that you don't have 10 meters of coaxial cable where you lose whatever you gain by fitting the directional antenna in the first place. The ZyXEL LTE7490 is as far as I can make out pretty much as good as it gets, and it better be, for the price. It's not a consumer device, really.

It's been as rock solid as 4G gets for weeks now but the internet was spotty this morning so dad power cycled the extension cord that powers the box on the roof (via PoE) and the mesh node that has the wired connection going into it. There's an LED on the modem itself that shows when there's a working WAN connection and it always comes up about a minute after power comes on. The Velop wouldn't get an IP address after that though.

I'm assuming the Velop does some clever behind the scenes diagnostics or something at bootup that doesn't quite play well with the LTE modem, or maybe the LTE modem does something clever that the Velop doesn't understand. What I do know is that the LTE modem is set to bridge and we're paying extra for a public (dynamic) IP address for this connection and when the Velop does manage to get an IP address (which it has now) it's an actual WAN address.

Does anyone have experience with either of these two things?

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