Every time I login in my router setting I need to have internet first?

I am using Zyxel Multy plus system, every time I try to log in my router through https://zyxelwifi.com/ or default gateway address, it need to connect the Zyxel cloud account. Can I just use the admin name and password just like other router?   

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    Can't say I like this cloud idea maybe cloud + standalone guess you can put it in ideas.

    Zyxel Multy plus is not a router designed for standalone login it only works if you have internet I guess it will still keep your LAN going without internet? I guess the idea was the options was for internet stuff so no need for offline login. 
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    That's sooooooo silly. When you lost the internet connection, the first thing u want to do is login ur router and check what is going on. Sorry, you can't. You can't even restart the router. Then, how I can tell it's the problem from the internet supplier or the router itself?   
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    Multy Plus doesn't support admin login but you can download it's smartphone app for management.

    You can connect a client to your ISP router directly and check if the problem related to ISP router or Multy Plus.

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