LTE Ally with LTE3202?

It does not work for me. It that model supported by LTE Ally?

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  • Zyxel_CPE
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    Hi Witek, Zyxel Ally will stop update. Since we will have 5G products, we change the app name as Zyxel Air. LTE3202-M437 support Zyxel Air but LTE3202-M430 not. You can download Zyxel Air APP from iOS App Store, and Android version expect to release on medium of August.


  • Witek
    Witek Posts: 2
    OK, I understand that your answer means that for LTE3202-M430 there is no and there will be not application available as neither Ally nor Zyxel Air is compatible with this product.
    It is a pity but at least you answered my question and I know there was no mistake on my side.