I cannot forward port 80? ARMOR G5 router question!


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    The behavior does not change on the latest firmware V1.00(ABSK.8)C0 , I think, port 80 is not available on armor G5.

    As @Zyxel_Can said,
    Armor G5 can’t make port forwarding from the system-reserved ports.

    However, you can make port forwarding from another port to internal port 80.

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    Sell this garbage and buy something real. I did it the same way. It will not work zyxel is too incompetent to make this happen. I can recommend you to have a look at the Qnap QHora-301W. I use this one and am very satisfied.

    Zyxel wants the customer to buy a very expensive firewall for this feature, which is absolutely outrageous.

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