How do I transfer an appliance out of MyZyxel to another provider.


I have a number of devices in my Myzyxel account.  I need to transfer one of them to another service provider.



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    Hi @laltobelli,

    For on-premise devices, you may use @PeterUK provided solution to transfer the device to the new MyZyxel account.

    As you've mentioned service provider, so I assume that the device will remain installed in the same location and org., and only wants to transfer the device owner account, am I right?
    If yes, you may transfer all the devices in the organization by using change owner feature on Nebula.
    Reference link. (Reminder: The new account should have the full privilege.)

    Tips: For Nebula Switch/Access point, you may use Nebula APP (IOS / Android) to scan the QRcode of the device to transfer owner account individually.


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