MyCloud.Zyxel not working properly on any browser?

I got a NAS326 a few months ago, trying to get the MyCloud service to work. I recall having software installed on my PC when I first got this thing and very very recently I had to reset everything on my PC in turn losing that software. It's not listed on their website, I set up an account to connect the device to it, but the webpage doesn't load properly it seems as when I go to let it automatically find devices it just sits there not doing anything. But when I reload the page for a millisecond it'll load what appears to be more options between the search again button and the add manually button. Here's my biggest problem, I'd add it manually if I could find the damn devices serial number anywhere on the device. But alas, it has no serial number ON the device where it should be. Instead I can PRESUME the S/N is on the box but I threw the box out a few months ago as it was just taking up space and until now. I've been having no issues with the NAS326 itself. I'm able to access it via File Explorer on my PC as it's connected to my network with it's ethernet cable, I'm able to see it with my smart tv as well. I can send files to and from it pretty easily. But I'd still like to be able to manage the drive properly, see it's storage space what's left and what's taken without having to load up the Twonky server page. I know that there is MyCloud for this device but as I said it's not LISTED on the devices support page. Any clue what I should do?

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  • Mijzelf
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    Matymus87 said:
    But I'd still like to be able to manage the drive properly,
    You should be able to access it's webinterface. Just enter the name or IP address you use in file explorer in your browser.

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    You can find your SN and MAC at the bottom of your NAS326's labels.

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