Multy Plus Wifi backhaul, should I need to reboot after every radar disconnection?

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Im enjoying my multy plus setup greatly, Im running completely Wireless between Base multy and my two connecting multys. 500mbit fiber Connected into the Base unit. And normally I get 250 Mbit with the wifi backhaul to each of my Connected multys. Works splendid. Except when I get bad weather outside. 

 I have an issue with my wifi backhaul that is getting disconnected by radar during heavy rain, the multys goes offline for a few minutes and then reconnects the wifi backhaul. But the channel gets switched. This can happen a few Times if the weather stays bad.

The issue is that when the multys reconnects the backhaul, the bandwidth ends up at max 60-70mbit between the Base multy and the connecting multys. Probably because of channel switching. If I manually reboot my multys, they go back to 5ghz wifi backhaul with normal speeds (250 mbit).

I dont know any other solution at the moment, I cant set which backhaul channel to force priority during reconnects nor can I set automatic reboots on the multy setup in the UI. Ive read that other manufacturers allow setting which channel the wifi backhaul is allowed to use, but I would like to ask you guys here if you have any other solution that doesnt require ethernet cable or switch to another brand. I like my Multys but having to keep rebooting them is a pain :)

If it matters Im running 2,4ghz and 5ghz as two separate ssids. 

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  • Zyxel_Can
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    Hi @Farahot,


    In current design Multy changes wireless channel automatically.


    Please send us feedback using your smartphone’s Multy app.

    Note: When you send feedback please:

    1-     Describe the symptom in details.

    2-     Send your current network topology drawing with IP addresses and LED colors when this symptom occurs.

    3-     Make sure that Multy network clients have internet access.

  • Farahot
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    Yes I can understand that for the simplicity of automation. And it probably works very well for alot of people. But in my cause my whole connection gets bottlenecked after a radar interruption and the Multy is not smart enough to correct itself but stays on the bottlenecked channel. If I were to use this in a business (which the product aim is) and rely on Wifi backhaul this is a major drawback. I've allready sent in feedback regarding the issue.
  • Zyxel_Can
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    Hi @Farahot,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Generally speaking, Multy network’s wireless backhaul shouldn’t influence by heavy rain. Probably in your environment DFS events occurs often.


    If you want to prevent DFS event effects please find following KB article as reference to create ethernet backhaul between Multy devices:!viewDetail.action?articleOid=017839&lang=EN

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