Multy U tri-band AC2100 wlan disappearance

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I have the Multy U tri-band AC2100 system set up and working. Occasionally (1-2 times per week) wlan disappears suddenly. The main Multy goes white and neither the main wifi nor guest wifi are not to be found on any device. The only way to restore the wireless network is to shut down the main multy and boot it up again.

This issue is very inconvenient I hope to figure out how to increase the reliability of the system.

What might cause this and any suggestions what to try? 

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    Hi @Reko

    Could you send us the feedback on the Multy APP?

    Please record a video of the symptom the main Multy goes white and share us the video.

    Is the Led light flashing white or it is solid white?

    When does the symptom happen?

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