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My Zyxel XMG3927-B50A is currently running with its stock firmware V5.13(ABQO.0)D0. I have noticed that a new firmware is now available as V5.17(ABMT.5)C0.

Will this firmware work for my device despite the different strings ((ABQO.0)D0 vs. (ABMT.5)C0) ?



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    (ABQO.0)D0 and (ABMT.5)C0 are different firmware versions for XMG3927-B50A.
    It can't be loaded with different firmware versions.

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    Hey Joel,

    I update my firmware come from Swisscom (Switzerland) to the factory one this weekend because I needed to use mPro Mesh solutions from Zyxel.

    Base firmware branded : V5.13(ABQO.0)D0.
    Updated firmware : V5.17(ABMT.5)C0.

    Please watch this video to help you : https://youtu.be/vHDUjFk9u1M

    STEP 1 : Use Terminal (MacOs) or PuTTY
    ssh (ip router) -l (username)
    My exemple with Terminal : ssh -l admin

    STEP 2 : Follow these commands when connected

    zycli modelcheck
    zycli modelcheck show (Result : "ret:0")
    zycli modelcheck off 
    zycli modelcheck show (Result : "ret:-17")

    zycli fwidcheck show (Result : "ret:0")
    zycli fwidcheck off
    zycli fwidcheck show (Result : "ret:-17")


    STEP 3 : Update your firmware with the web interface

    Enjoy :)

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