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Executive Insights: 5G's opportunities and outlook for European SMEs 


Joining me today is Jean-Marc Guignier, executive vice president EMEA Sales & Marketing at Zyxel. I’m really looking forward to having a discussion with Jean-Marc on his insights of 5G's opportunities and outlook for European SMEs. Let’s get started!

Listen as Jean-Marc shares insights into:

  • Are there any tech trend or business opportunities you see for Zyxel? 

  • What’s the 5G development in the short and long term in EMEA?

  • Is 5G ecosystem in EMEA is in place yet?

  • How many years 5G will be revealed throughout the EMEA?

  • What are customer needs or major applications in 5G over these years?

  • Compared to US and Asia Pacific markets, does EMEA market have a bigger potential?

  • How much growth can 5G bring to Zyxel?

  • What’s your channel strategy for Zyxel 5G solutions in EMEA?

  • Would you apply different tactics for different regions of EMEA or specific markets? 

  • What are your channel strategies on the SME market? Any challenges?

  • Any exciting 5G projects in EMEA?

  • Is 5G on the cloud a must for business? What’s Zyxel’s plan for this?

  • How hybrid work can benefit from 5G? How Zyxel can help customers in this regard?

  • How did Zyxel tide over the COVID-19 supply shortages crisis?

  • How did you manage to make Zyxel's business in EMEA flourish under this severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

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