How to register a Nebula account through our new APP?

Nebula_Yvonne Posts: 35  Zyxel Employee

You’re welcome to use our new version of Nebula APP to register devices and manage your network. After you click “Start”, you will find the “Create account” link on the sign in page to create an account.

Fill in the required fields in the form, and then you need to go to your mail box to activate your Nebula account and set up a password.

Once you set up your password, skip the two-factor authentication to move on to the next step, unless you want to set it up now.

After the two-factor authentication, you will be directed to myZyxel portal and fill in the basic information (refer to the following image). Please note that you must finish this step, then your Nebula account will be successfully created and then you can go back to the APP to log in now.