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Hi all,
   I bought a NAS542 for Home use. I actually own a D-Link DNS320 with 2x2TB. I'm starting with a single 4TB in NAS542, planning to make it as a backup of DNS320.
I cannot find a way to use BackupPlanner to copy FROM D-Link to NAS542.

My final result should be a full backup of D-Link in my new NAS542.
How can I achieve this result?

Thanks a lot

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  • Mijzelf
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    As far as I know the ZyXEL NASses have no build-in way to backup from or to another brand NAS. Don't know about the D-Link.
    The most 'universal' way I know is the use of rsync. Have a look if the D-Link supports that. You can install it on the ZyXEL, it's part of 'RandomTools', which can be installed using MetaRepository.
    Sorry, no fancy gui, you'll have to write the configuration files yourself.
  • marcodika
    The D-Link has an utility which allows to copy from another NAS (through CIFS/Samba) into itself. I found really strange Zyxel has not such capability.

    Thanks for suggestion but I'm not going to mod/script as I'm really not good at. Copy from and to should really be a default feature in 2021...

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