Best external antennas for Zyxel NR5101

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Hello I got the device and I'm happy with it but I would like to boost the antennas with an external. What is the best product I can get ? I attach my network data so you can tell me. I saw some antennas on Internat that can boost up to 21db but really I dunno what to get. 

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    Hello @Min0taur0

    I do not think that you need an external antenna, from the figures that you have posted above.

    An RSRQ value of -11 is excellent, as suggested at

    An RSSI of -49 dBm is also quite strong, and perhaps if you go too much higher then you run the risk of overloading the receiver circuits of your 5G router.

    If you are happy with the location of your router, then it seems like you have good / excellent signals on 5G to have connectivity.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Kind regards,

    PS: these are my own views, though I work for a mobile network operator as a systems engineer. I don't work for Zyxel either.

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