NAS542 500 Internal Server Error on USB External Drive


I've NAS542, updated to latest version and did a factory reset after it(i bought as second hand that's why deleted everything with factory reset), so when i connect my 4TB western digital usb hard drive through front USB port, i can see my usb drive on external storage, opening file browser and clicking to my usb drive, then it waits for 5-6 seconds and returns 500 Internal Error.

Enabled SSH and connected to nas through ssh to see if there is a problem with file system, but "ls -l" returns nothing.

All other services works jut fine and i can use my usb hard drive on my windows & linux computers without any problem.

Any suggestions?

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  • sheshman
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    Mijzelf said:
    So you have to run 'ls -l' in that directory, to see it there are any symlinks pointing out of the filesystem, or strange names, or ... .
    with your help,i've found the problem.

    As you can see on screenshot it was returning I/O error for one of the folders on USB Drive, so it wasn't an important one i deleted with rmdir command, now it works perfectly.

    Thanks for your time and support.

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    If you have the possibility, do a filesystem check on that volume. Deleting that directory might not have removed all corruption.

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