NSA 221 MIRROR RAID SETUP - Both Drives Dead?

I have a NSA221 with 2 identical WD drives (4 TB) set up as a mirrored RAID.  Recently, I noticed I could not access the folders and started looking at the drives.  One of them is detected as "BAD" by the NSA221 (USB led is red), but the other is detected as being good (USB led is green).  However, no folders or data or volumes appear when I try to access the drive.  I have tried it with both drives installed and with only the good one installed and I have tried that in both bays.

Any ideas or thoughts on how I might try and recover this data?  This is particularly frustrating since the whole idea behind the NAS and the mirrored RAID is that my data is backed up in case of a drive failure.  Oops.

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    RAID is not a backup. But that's a bit late now.

    Can you open the Telnet backdoor, login over telnet, and post the output of
    cat /proc/partitions
    cat /proc/mdstat
    mdadm --examine /dev/sd[ab]2

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