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hi all, I have a big problem after recent NAS326 firmware update. I did the online update last week and since that time my 2x2TB HDD-s in RAID1 are working non stop and the NAS is unaccessible. if I turn it off and turn it on, I can connect to the NAS dashboard, but after few seconds (30sec) my HDD-s starts to work insanely and nothing can be viewed anymore in the dashboard. I have tried to remove 1 HDD, but the result is same, it is just working, working and working now almost for a week and I can not access my data on the disks, neither via network. any ideas what may happen with my NAS and HDD-s or how to resolve it? thanks

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    I have received an answer from the Zyxel support team, suggesting to hard reset my NAS.
    I did followed the reset steps, but I got a few other issues which should be resolved now and my NAS is back online

    after resetting the NAS it was constantly beeping when I turn it on and I was not able access it. with NSU I saw that it is not getting any IP address from my router and I was not able to manually update the network settings in the NSU. after few more resets it finally received an IP address and I was able to connect to is via web interface. it was still beeping and it was showing that on of my HDD-s need to be repaired, so I have started the repair process and after like 6 hours it came back online with no issues.

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    Could you map your NAS into your PC?
    Or you can open file browswer \\IPaddress\Folder to check if it is accessible or not.
    If you can access, than the IP might be correct.
    You can also try access the NAS web by using different browser.

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