How to import your license and assign it to your device in the organization?

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Import your License to the organization:

Go back to Nebula and add licenses in the Organization-wide > License & inventory > Licenses tab; you can use the template to import the licenses for bulk upload.

Figure 1: Import the license

Assign the license and Upgrade:

Select the license(s) and click “Action” button to assign.

Figure 2: Assign the license to the device

You can cancel the specific license assignment by clicking the “x” as in the following figure.

Figure 3: Assign license


For the license assignment mode, here is the definition of each action:

  • Assign min. period: The licenses with the minimized period will be auto-assigned first.
  • Assign all: Assign all selected licenses to the devices.
  • Target expiration date: Auto-assign the licenses to the devices by target expiration date.
  • Custom assignment: Customize each license assigned to the device manually.


Next, if the organization is eligible to upgrade, you will see the checkbox, as shown below. However, if the organization status is in the grace period, you won’t see this checkbox (you can activate it manually as Figure 12); instead, the system will upgrade your organization directly after the assignment.

Figure 4: Upgrade after assignment

Figure 5: Activate manually