NSA325 v2 - file permissions problem

Hi to the community.
I recently got my hands on a NSA325v2, FW: V4.81(AALS.1). When I got it, I transferred the contents of my external USB HD to my internal JBOD drives (new drives, 100% health). The procedure was done via the web interface, administrator login.
I set the shares, users etc. Every user has access from the various Windows computers, no problems there.
I realized though, that no user has write access, whatever permission I set. Actually, not even the administrator can modify anything, even from the built-in web interface.
Only by logging via telnet/ssh can the admin delete/rename/move files.
I've checked the file permissions, everything seems right:
"-rwxrwxrwx    1 admin    everyone"
Samba file permissions also seem correct:
"write ok = yes
  force create mode = 777
  force directory mode = 777
  force security mode = 777
  force directory security mode = 777"

Any ideas?
Thanx in advance

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    You can try access as "root" to change the right on the folder

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