firmware gs1910-24 & gs1910-24HP


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    Hi @mMontana,

    The GS1910 series has special situation that it need to follow firmware upgrade flow.
    But other devices do not have upgrade flow to follow.
    That's why we only publish the latest firmware files of EOL devices on End of life | Zyxel.

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    I can respect the choice of not providing support for older devices.But be part of the process of not allowing an unpatched, sometimes buggy, sometimes unsure device "alone in a network" without posting into community appears to be another step to create more eWaste.
    Maybe wanted for sell more devices? IDK. But closing the FTP site still seems by a consumer and specialist perspective a step, but into the wrong direction.
    Give back to the customers the history of firmware, the documentation. For allowing more re-use of not "mint" hardware if necessary.
  • I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for uploading these files! I was able to get my switch updated from 1.00(AAAX.2) to 2.00(AAAX.0)