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Every day my internet (LTE) connection will drop until I restart my LTE3301. I'm in the UK using Vodafone 4G, with an external antenna on the LTE3301. I have the modem in bridge mode and using Eero Pro's as the routers. I've tested it without the eero's connected and it did the same thing. I'm using the latest firmware. When it works I'm getting good speeds (around 50 down / 15 up).

I have the default settings, except just added in the Vodafone APN settings. Are there any other settings I need to adjust to improve reliability? I'm a beginner at networking so please don't assume I know anything :)


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    Hi jamiedgwilson, you can try Connection Control as Auto Reconnect(always-on) if you don't want the connection to time out. Also, enable the Network Monitoring that LTE3301 test connection periodically sending DNS Query to DNS server or ICMP Checking sending the ping to the address you specify in Target1 and Target2 fields. I hope it will help you.

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