Installing Arch on a Zyxel NAS540, like this guy did with Debian?


Hello everyone,,

I've been using Arch for a couple of years. Been using it heavily on multiple devices but haven't looked too much into kernel website building and such...I would like to replace the stock firmware on my Zyxel NAS540 with my own custom Linux. I found this Link explaining how to install Debian on the device. Can anyone help me with achieving this with an arch install? Thank you!

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    There is a problem with the SoC, it's not supported by vanilla Linux, which means that the only provided kernel is the one from the Mindspeed Comcerto SDK, 3.2.<something>. As Arch is kinda bleeding edge, I don't know if it can run on such an old kernel. But you can try to chroot an Arch rootfs, to see if everything works.

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