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I have had an NSA325 v2 for some time and use it to store my photos etc.  I seem to recall I used to browse the contents using Windows Explorer - by simply typing the IP Address of the device in the Windows Explorer Bar.  Now when I do it I get the Twonky Media Server which is not that great from browsing thousands of photos.

Could someone advise how I should access the disc using Windows Explorer?  Should I set up a Mapped Network Drive - if so - what path so I use?  I have shared the Photo folder and tried mapping using \\\Volume1\Photo\ but I keep getting folder not found.

Any help would be appreciated.  Cheers.


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    Try to ping the device IP address to check if the device is still alive, or maybe IP chagned.

    You can check the privilege of the folder on NAS. 
    And type \\ to find your folder.

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