ZyXEL Drive hangs, group rights lost and admin rights given to cloud user

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Set up my NAS 326 with accounts admin, a local user and a cloud user.
Cloud user got group "admin" upon creation but I removed it and set read/write for group "groupA" instead. groupA has read/write for shareA.

When logging in via ZyXEL drive, i start to see the folders accessible by groupA, but when swiping to update the contents, the app hangs and close down.

As I check the user rights in control panel, again the cloud user has gotten group "Admin" but the rights for shareA has been changed to "No access". Why is that?

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    Hi @D_K_2022

    The cloud user account bind with admin account, disable the admin and cloud user right for the folder, then the cloud user cannot access the folder.But if only disable the cloud user right. 
    The cloud user will follow admin right.

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