[Release Note] Nebula Control Center - Phase 13 software Release!

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Zyxel Nebula Control Center Release Note

Common NCC (Organization, Site-wide …etc.) enhancements:

  1. Improve MSP Portal UI to display an Org's sites information. (MSP Pack license is required)
  2. Cross-Org synchronization including setting sync. and site clone now support to apply to multiple orgs and/or Tag (group of orgs). (MSP Pack license is required)
  3. Cross-Org site clone now supports site’s devices movement option. (MSP Pack license is required)
  4. MSP Teams can be specified at the time of Org creation. (MSP Pack license is required)
  5. MSP change log is added to provide operational change log in MSP (Cross-Org.) level. (MSP Pack license is required)
  6. Support MSP Pack license transfer.
  7. Voucher expiry limit is expanded and can specify the start/end date-time. (Plus Pack or Pro Pack license is required)

Wireless LAN (WLAN) enhancements:

  1. Support new AP model. The NWA90AX and WAX630S are added to Nebula in this release. NWA90AX is a Small Business Class NebulaFlex AP that supports standalone and Nebula cloud managed mode; WAX630S is a NebulaFlex Pro AP that comes with 3 management modes: standalone, controller managed and Nebula cloud managed modes. It comes with 1 year NCC Professional Pack license bundled.
  2. Added IP Reputation Filter and Application Visibility & Optimization security services on the selected models. These features require CNP or CNP+ license.
  3. Support forwarding AP traffic to a local Nebula managed USGFLEX or ATP via GRE tunnel, as known as “tunnel mode”, on the supported models.
  4. Added Traffic Shaping feature to limit the bandwidth usage per VLAN. This feature requires Pro-Pack license.
  5. Captive Portal can set the max number of simultaneous logon devices per account.
  6. Support Airtime fairness feature on the selected WiFi 6 models.
  7. Allow specify uplink AP for a smart mesh repeater.
  8. Enhance Wireless health to avoid disconnect caused by optimization actions. There are 3 level of optimization available. This feature requires Pro-Pack license.
  9. WAC500H specific improvements:

    I.  Add LAN port support when using NAT.
    II. Option to include Ethernet traffic in Secure Tunnel for RAP.
    III. Live tool supports showing wired stations.

  10. Rename SSID related menus for better UX: SSID overview -> SSID settings, SSID settings -> SSID advanced settings.
  11. Enhance user experience for small business AP to prevent unsupported features.

Switching enhancements:

  1. Support new Switch model. The new GS1915-8(EP) are added to Nebula in this release.

Security Firewall enhancements:

  1. USG FLEX 50(W) are added to support Nebula in this release.
  2. Security policy now supports external user group matching criteria.
  3. PPPoE authentication type and MTU size can be customized.
  4. SecuReporter traffic log is supported if Pro Pack license is active.

Mobile Router enhancements:

  1. Welcome the new product line joining Nebula family: Mobile Router.
  2. Nebula NR5101, Nebula NR7101 and Nebula LTE3301-PLUS are supported in this release.