Encrypted / Blockchain Personal Cloud on my NAS 326

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Hi everyone!

I've looked at a few different solutions, but I don't feel safe with Google Drive, Dropbox or any other of the big dragons. Finally I found an alternativ called JS Security.

It's almost working as the DrFTPD back in the day, but it encrypts the data and distributes the files between the nodes and throws away the key. Like a Tor browser but for files. 

I'm having one issue, I'm trying to install it on my Zyxel NAS 326, they have installs for Windows and Mac but also an Linux Appimage. 

I've registered an account ( https://account.jssecurity.tech/signup ) and tried to follow the appimage guide here but I'm stuck: https://codeburst.io/how-to-install-and-run-appimage-on-linux-systems-f031ec6a85ce

Any help is very much appreciated :-)


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    I can't what kind of software downloads there are. But are you aware you need an Armv7 binary?

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    Hi Mijzelf,

    Thanks for answering. I just asked the company and see if they can release an Armv7 binary.