New firmware to fix the IOS app access issue

Glad I checked the forum before and not blindly press the button to update the Multy X firmware. I feel sorry for all those who have IOS 15 and have this issue since December. It could have easily been me. Now, it’s been 2 months and no news. 
a.) Why don’t you retract a bad release so that when people open the app, they do not inadvertently press ‘update’? 

b.) Why isn’t there a firmware release notes sticky on this forum so that we know whether it’s worth updating or not? And why isn’t there an apps release notes sticky on this form? 

c.) When will you fix and release a firmware that is IOS friendly?

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    Hi @BasicUser

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion. 
    We will take your opinion, and if there is a critical bug, we will have an announcement.

    The issue has been fixed, you can download the latest firmware via APP store.

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