NAS 540 SSL Error 500 Internal Sever Error

I've tried to install an other SSL certificate on my NAS but something went wrong. Since then the only possibility to connect to my NAS via WebUI is turning off https and having an insecure http connection.
Also when I'm trying to go the settings for change/reset the SSL of the NAS, it gives me a 500 Internal Server Error.
I can't do anything about it because always when I click on 'Ok' , a new Error message pops up immediately.

Is there a way to reset it over SSH?
Im not an IT Expert, but at least know how to connect to my NAS via SSH.
But what to do further?

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  • Dexter
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    Have you ever installed the certificate on the browser?
    If you import the certificate, the certificate also need to import on your browser
  • novec
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    same problem here, still not resolved…

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