How to add a single ext4 formatted HD into an nas542 without reformatting?

Hi all!

I have 4 drives that are ext 4 formatted and have some files on them. I have several nas542 systems and in the past I have used empty disks that I formatted and then filled over time.

This time I would like to use the existing ext 4 formatted disks as they are, i.e. without formatting them first. Is it possible to just mount them? In the web interface I see them under Storage Manager -> Internal -> Hard Disk but I can't access them. The way I understand it by creating a volume I would format them

Is it possible to avoid formatting the disks and use them as they are? I have ssh access set up and have used the metarepository tools in the past. I don't care whether they show up in the Gui as long as I can use them via smb.

Thanks for your help!

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    It can be done temporarily. Find the devicename of the partition with
    cat /proc/partitions
    Then mount it:

    mkdir /mnt/mountpoint
    mount /dev/<devicename> /mnt/mountpoint

    It is possible that the firmware jumps in and moves the mount. In that case it will show up in the gui.
    If not, you'll have to edit /etc/samba/smb.conf to add the disk as a share, and, and restart samba:

    /etc/init.d/ restart

    This won't survive a reboot.

  • danyx23
    Thanks a lot, I'll try this!

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