LTE5398-M904 - How to create a script on Windows to connect to ZySH console

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i have a LTE5398-M904 router. I need to find a way to execute a script on my local workstation (for example with powershell) that executes a ZySH command on the Zyxel device.
A unix script to be reviewed from a Windows perspective may also be useful.
Thank you!

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    Hi acastelli , you can enable SSH and Telnet on GUI>Maintenance>Remote Management page, then login SSH/Telnet via admin account(same username and password you login WebGUI) to execute the ZySH command. 
  • acastelli
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    I already know which command to run. My question is related to the mechanism that could allow me to schedule a script that launches commands on my pc. I tried to write a program in Java, but I can't connect remotely

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