nas320 not working

I'm using nas 320 for work. And have a lot of important files in it
Fan is not working anymore, i'll replace it but culdnt find it yet, and i have to see my files, costomers keep asking for their work. I'm not sure will it work if i replace the fan. So here is my questions for quick solution. Can i see my files without the nas device? Can i connect with cable and see my files? Other options, i have nas326 for my personal files, can i see my files with it? 

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    No, a failing fan won't stop the NAS. Are you sure the power supply isn't the problem?
    Anyway, yes, you can see the files without nas device. ZyXEL uses only default Linux soft raid and filesystems, so any decent Linux computer can assemble&mount the array.
    That NAS326 can read the disks, but not by default. The firmware won't recognize a raid array on an external disk, and for an internal disk the partitioning is wrong. But from a command shell in both cases the disks can be mounted.

    How are the disk organized? Raid1?

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