NAS326 extremly slow upload speeds

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I just purchased a NAS326 and I experience extremely low upload speeds.

From Windows 10 (using Samba) the rate is around 5MB/sec (around 20 times less than advertised) and even less from a Linux machine using NFS (I have changed the /etc/exports to async). Via NFS it takes about 50 seconds to copy a 150MB file to the NAS, but copying it back takes around 8 secs (not great, but much better). The network is 1 Gig.
I get 10 Mb/sec with ftp.
I have installed the newest firmware, disabled the Twonky server etc. so the device is running at 10-20% CPU.
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    Have you tried another ethernet cable cat6? or switch, switch port?
    If you have shell access to the NAS, you can type  'ifconfig' to check your current connection status

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