Drive possibilities for personal cloud storage (and Linux access)


I am looking at the NAS326 - and since it does not come with the drives -I was wondering if any SSD drives had been tested or used by anyone here.  Really looking for lower power consumption, as well as the speed of SSD - along with the ethernet network interface for file access across several desktops and laptops.  (I really don't care about media serving - I'm needing work file access)

As an add-on - do the interfaces work easily with multiple OS access (I presume Windows is a given - and I have 2 laptops with LinuxMint - that are not able to access my current Linkstation NAS - that is old - and ready to be replaced.

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Rex Smith

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    I use HDD, do not try with SSD drives. There is a test of compatible list on zyxel.
    And I think you can use Multiple OS to access the NAS at the same time if the IP of the NAS could access.

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