Diffenent LAN IP on my third Multy X


I have had connected 3 Multy X together for 3 or 4 years now, without big issues. Now they are starting to annoy me.. The main Multy gets it regular IP,, the second one first got IP in 192.168.38.x range, the third one aswell. 

I then reset all the Multys, with same result.

I then switched places between themselves, reset them and got a better result, but not as it should.

The first one now has IP, the second one is in the same IP range, but the third one is on IP 192.168.38.X

Can someone please help me understand whats going on?

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    Hi @Runar81

    1.Please kindly provide your network topology.  How do you connect your Multy device, could you draw a picture of it?
    2.May I know what firmware version is your Multy devices currently using?
    3.Please send us the feedback on the Multy APP you can share the information when sending us the feedback on the Multy APP.

    4. Have you ever tried to changed device network mode from router mode to bridge mode?

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