Offline multy won't delete from app

How can I force a multy that is 'offline please check the power connection' to be deleted from the app - when I try to delete it just says 'Delete Multy "null"?' when I press delete and confirm it just resets the app and says connecting to my home and then continues to show the blank multy.  Ive been trying to add a new multy x as a 3rd multi in the network as the old box started to drop out a lot - seems to have got stuck keeping the old one on the app and won't let me do anything to install the new one..

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    Hi @Kensaunders1

    Please send us the feedback on the Multy APP.
    Please provide us which account do you register on the Multy APP and also provide us what is the MAC address of Main multy you are currently using.
    You can share these information when sending us the feedback on the Multy APP.

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