NR5101 Ext/Int antenna selector doesn't work?

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I have 1.2km distance from house to mast. To get best possible 5G signal to my NR5101 router I installed Iskra P-60 MIMO antennas (2x10,5dBi) to roof and carefully pointed it to the mast. I have switched INT/EXT switch to EXT, but it really looks that it doesn't matter. Signal levels are same, no matter of switch position. I have really strong feeling that this switch does not work at all... 

Here's my data:

Firmware Version V1.00(ABVC.4)C0
Module SW Version RG502QEAAAR11A03M4G

Should I return this NR5101 to reseller?

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  • Teppo
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    I have to correct my previous email. Looks that Zyxel NR5101 is showing on home page and on signal status LED some other RSRP value as 5G. When I contacted Zyxel support they asked me to test Zyxel Air app for Android to make antenna tuning. From there I noticed that it shows completely different values than shown on NR5101 page or status LED. 

    This value also changes clearly (between -82 to -110 dBm) when I switch INT/EXT switch. 

    So there was not problems with the switch nor using external antenna. Only problem was that information on the home page of the NR5101 is misleading. 
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    The Cellular WAN and Signal Strength information shown on the homepage relates to LTE and not 5G. This should be changed to show 5G Signal when using 5G (Both SA and NSA) as priority should be 5G > 4G > 3G and so on.

    Best looking at the information located within the Cellular Info or Cellular WAN Status pages when using the routers GUI TBH.

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