Zyxel vs Nebula.

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What is the difference between Zyxel NR7101 and Nebula NR7101?🤔

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    Hi Sir,

    The mainly difference on these devices is, the Nebula NR7101 can be registered and managed by our Cloud Platform - Nebula Control Center. Where you can easily manage/maintain your network with the benefits below:

    1. Monitor your network at any place, such as checking cellular signal quality, check connected client number, and other device information
    2. Devices will auto-upgrade it's firmware to the latest version when available (you can also schedule a time for device to upgrade firmware)
    3. If there's any connection issue happened on device's WAN connction, NCC can auto-alert the user through mail. So you can troubleshoot the issue as soon as possible (maybe caused by loosen cable, or ISP network issue.)
    4. Since the Nebula NR7101 includes a bundled 1-year PRO pack licenses, so all above services are free in 365 days after you registered on the Nebula!
    Sincerely welcome you to join our Nebula family, and enjoy the benefit of the cloud management and our service :)

    Best Regards,

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