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Can you help me with downloading NSA325 v2 starter ? I download something, but it doesn't work. On the official website a can't find file with NSA325 v2 driver, just for NAS326.

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  • Mijzelf
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    Don't know where you can find that file, but you don't actually need it. Everything can be done from the webinterface. In most cases typing 'http://nsa325' in your browsers addressbar will bring you there.
  • Fredl
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    Hallo, wenn ich die Firmware updaten will kommt "Remote-Datei nicht gefunden" ... Kann mir bitte jemand sagen an was das liegen könnte?
  • okimarukas
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    Since the FTP site remove the NAS325v2, so the NAS325v2 cannot sync to the server,
    Are you using the latest firmware of NAS325v2?

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