I have a couple of issues with my new ZYXEL NR5101

I have a ZYXEL NR5101 running  V1.00(ABVC.3)C0 and have a couple of issues...

  1. The "SIP Register Fail Re-try Timer" parameter located on the "SIP Service Provider" page is supposed to allow entries between 30~65535 seconds, but an error is displayed if you try and save a value lower than 180 seconds.
  2. The "Region Setting" parameter on the Phone > Region page is empty and I am unable to select anything? The "Call Service Mode" is set to "Europe Type".


  • Zyxel_CPE
    Zyxel_CPE Posts: 25  Freshman Member
    Hi WelshPaul, not sure if you get NR5101 from your ISP. My suggestion is if you get the device from ISP, maybe ISP contact window could give you hand. If the device is from store, Zyxel local agent might help you.
  • WelshPaul
    WelshPaul Posts: 12
    I from Zyxel on Amazon UK. I ordered a second device and sent the first back for a refund but the same issues on the second device. The Zyxel firmware is simply buggy!

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