Armor Z2 - can't access router

Hello. I would like to say that my modem works fine, but my Z2 is getting me some trouble.
In CMD i saw that i did not have any gateway (simply blank there), couldn't connect to the router (myrouter and any other didn't work), couldn't reset it (?) because i held the reset button for 15 sec and it didn't do nothing (also tried to hold it when off and start it while pressed - no response either).
The only thing that i saw it's doing is that i have two cables in it and both their lightnings (the little green lights) are turning on and off in the same time (like they are synchronized).
I run out of ideas, what do you think?

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    I would say if the device is not working fine after do the reset or the reset button is not working.
    I'll do the RMA for the device.

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