Multy U 2 sites / bridges in one LAN?

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I have a home network with cable connection to 2 floors. I would like to configure 2 multy u access points both as bridges, so they would work as access points sharing same SSID.

I seem to be only able to add the second AP as satelite under the primary, which means connecting through primary via WLAN backhaul.

I tried to configure the APs as separate sites in bridge mode, which works if only one of them is on at the time, but if these 2 APs are on the same time, for some reason the APs go red and stop working.

I dont understand why though, they both get IPs just nice individually and should not be "aware" of each other, but still it happens... Is there a way to configure these just as access points? Ethernet backhaul is not an option as I only have 1 ethernet cable available to where the APs are and it would require 2.

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    Hi @Mkko82

    Welcome to Zyxel community! 
    Can you let me know what do you mean" I tried to configure the APs as separate sites in bridge mode"?
    Do you mean you create two different sites for each Multy U device and set up the same SSID ?
    Or do you mean you had set up WLAN backhaul for Multy U device, but the extender node will go red and stop working?
    Can you send us the feedback on the Multy app?

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