NSA220 Firmware V3.24(AFB.1)

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I'm currenty using three NSA220 NAS box's; now I know these nas drives are a long time out of service/support but they work realy well for the requirments I have and the basic funcionality that's required, and to be honest these little box's are well built, very robust and extreamly reliable.

Is there anyone out there that may be able to point me in the right direction for firmware updates for the NSA220 (not the Plus); I'm looking for Version
V3.24(AFB.1) and any ZY-PKGS that go with it.

I've tried the ZyXel support and there FTP URL and drawn a blank, so if there is any out there who knows of a location I could download them from I would be very greatful as Google has not been my friend on this occasion.

Many Thank.

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