NSA325 v2 NTP failing to update

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It appears that my NSA325 v2 quit updating the date & time via NTP some time ago. The log shows "NTP fails to update from pool.ntp.org" twice per attempted update.

The error occurs regardless of which server I select. Is there an FFP, MetaRepository or other update I need to do to make NTP work again?

BTW, THANK YOU to @Mijzelf for keeping these old NAS devices useful!

Firmware: V4.81(AALS.1)
MetaRepository: 20181001zypkg015
FFP: zypkg 6, 2017-11-26
Tweaks: 20200310zypkg035

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    Nothing has changed in the ntp protocol in the last 10 years, so if it used to work, it should still work.
    If your RTC battery is depleted, it is possible the time is too far off. By default the gnu ntpd doesn't correct the time when it more off than 1000 sec. In that case you can correct it from the webinterface, or from the command line using the 'date' command, or by starting ntpd using the -g switch. (man ntpd)
    It's also possible that you have a network problem. Can you ping pool.ntp.org from the command line? Maybe the assigned server doesn't answer to pings, but at least it should resolve to an ip address.

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