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we have a nap203 which we would like to use as a client bridge for a printer.
From what i have read Smart Mesh fix this as long as we use a supported AP (f.ex nap203) and also license the professional pack on the device. correct?

will f.ex an older nap102 or a nwa50ax which is nearby function as a root to mesh to the nap203 for the client bridge in nap203 to work?

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    You can use the SmartMesh as well as the bridge function on your NAP203 even without license.
    It's totally okay for you to use NWA50AX/NAP102 as the root, and use NAP203 and the repeater which is enabled the wireless bridge function, and provide the wired connection to the printer.

    Just simply follow the article below for setting up the mesh network in your environment.

    > Please make sure the step2 is executed correctly
    > In the step3, you can simply enable the wireless bridge function, and set "1 "as the allowed VLAN.

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