NR5101 control via Webside

Just installed NR5101 wi-fi router. Got access to the system via LTE Aly. Cannot access by website with correct login.

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  • Miaa
    Miaa Posts: 25  Freshman Member
    Hi Fremmed, my NR5101 with firmware 100ABVC4C0 and my mobile phone connect to NR5101's WiFi can access to device via Zyxel Air App. You may download Zyxel Air App from App Store or Google Play. I hope it will help you.
  • Fremmed
    Fremmed Posts: 4

    Yes, LTE Ally works more less ok (means that you don’t have total overview of your router). 

    The problem now is with website login. doesn’t work. 

    Its impossible restore password. 

    What is wrong? 

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