Connection troubles with NR7101 after every 24 - 48 hours

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Dear Zyxel Team

My NR7101 is on a remote-site ans loses connection every 24 - 48 hours (a technical has to go onsite and reset the device, wait for about an hour and then - sometimes - it works again....).
I am on 100ABUV4C0 and RG502QEAAAR01A04-R11A03 from here: Advanced Downloads for 5G devices – Zyxel Support Campus EMEA

I read about newer firmware (ABUV.6) and cellular module firmware, but where can I download the newest versions of both firmwares?

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  • Zyxel_CPE
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    Hi Blackbird, the latest official firmware is 100ABUV5C0, I will provide the download link to you via private message. Please upgrade the latest firmware 100ABUV5C0 on your device and restore default settings after firmware upgrade, to check whether improve the problem or not. Thank you.
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    Read this........

    If anyone of you also uses Telekom D1 (APN with a public IPv4 address that allows accepting incoming connections, I can advise you to daily reboot the device (to force obtaining a new modem dial and fresh IPv4 address). I noticed that roughly after 24...48 hours of uptime Telekom blocked incoming connections partially, mainly originating from Telekom mobile data clients like my phone. It's kind of obscure, because connections originating from Telekom or O2 DSL I've tested still could connect to my server running on T-D1. I read somewhere on in a forum thread, that this is intended behaviour of Telekom to keep business users away from running permanent servers with a static IP address while on mobile data APN .

    The workaround is: Put a daily reboot of your Quectel NR 7101 in place and since I did that, my incoming connections worked - regardless where they originated from.

    And read also this............

    Bei mir hatte er auch 5G-SA angezeigt aber ohne Signalstärke (N/A). Funktioniert hatte es trotzdem aber ich hatte mehrmals täglich nervige Reconnects.

    Seit dem Upgrade auf FW „V1.00(ABUV.6)b2_E0“ und LTE-Modul FW auf „RG502QEAAAR11A07M4G“ läuft alles störungsfrei. Diese Versionen wurden mir zum Online-Update angeboten.
  • Kawa_Pete_1974
    Zyxel_CPE, can I also get download link for the latest official firmware 100ABUV5C0 privately?

    I.also have some weird connection problems after updating firmware 100ABUV4C0 and RG502QEAAAR01A04-R11A03.

     Best regards,

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