Multiple things wrong with my Zyxel 542

Hey folks, thanks for the help.

My Zyxel 542 (V5.21(AATB.7)) recently started to beep and indicating that I had a degraded disk group

I have no option to restore the disk group

I have 4HDD and I noticed that one was missing (Disk2)

and I saw no activity on Disk2 on the front of the NAS.
So I have changed the disk with a new one but it does not change anything (same issues).

Then I noticed that I have no RAID defined / no Volume define and I am nto sure whether this is a deeper problem on my NAS now.

Any help welcome!
Thanks folks!!

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    If no trace of disk2 was visible in the webinterface/front leds, and neither from a replacement disk, I'm afraid it's the sata port itself (or the power supply in the connector) which is broken. Are you able to test the replaced disk outside the NAS?

    I'm not sure about the volume problem. The page title is 'Volume on RAID', and indeed you don't have a volume (directly) on RAID. Instead you have a disk group, which is ZyXEL speak for logical volume, and you have a volume on top of that (I suppose, as the disk group is 100% in use). But I would expect that volume to be visible somewhere. Are your shares visible & accessible?

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