Zyxel LTE 2566 randomly restarts itself

Hello everybody,

I've bought myself an LTE modem Zyxel LTE 2566 and it randomly restarts itself. I've been having it for a month and it randomly restarts 0-3 times a day, but I use it only for like 5 hours every day.

Yesterday I got a different device of the same Zyxel LTE 2566 model and today it restarted itself too, twice already, 5 minutes between the restarts.

I do have almost factory settings, I've changed only SSID, password, and disabled 2.4 GHz Wifi since I am using only 5 GHz.

The firmware is the latest.

Do you have any experience with this or any advice? The modem is not much cheap and having it restart itself multiple times a day is super annoying, especially during the meetings.

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  • Miaa
    Miaa Posts: 25  Freshman Member
    Hi Gaim , there is a power saving feature on GUI, you may check it whether be activated and let device enters sleep mode or not.

    (GUI>Maintenance>Power Saving>Power Saving)

  • Gaim
    Gaim Posts: 6
    Hey, thank you for your comment. This feature is disabled, I've checked it. Do you have any other thoughts?

    SELBERG Posts: 46  Freshman Member
    What firmware do you use?
  • Gaim
    Gaim Posts: 6
    @SELBERG Latest, V1.00(ABTW.3)C0

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