[NEBULA] How can I improve WiFi roaming of sticky clients?

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How can I improve WiFi roaming of sticky clients?

The answer is to enable Smart steering.
Smart steering is a feature equivalent to RSSI threshold feature of Zyxel's non-nebula APs, where the AP will stop respond or disassociate the client if the RSSI of the client reaches a certain value to encourage the new association to another AP.

How to configure:
Go to 
Configure > Access points > Radio settings > Smart steering.
Next toggle on the Smart Steering feature.

Disassociate Station Threshold is the minimum kick-off signal strength, AP disconnects the wireless client when its signal is lower than the threshold. You could adjust the value based on the real signal strength monitoring. The client’s signal strength can be monitored at Clients after client connected to AP.

This should allow the access point to guide sticky clients into associating with nearby APs with better signal strength.