LTE3316-M604 reboot planning

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I need to schedule the router to restart because it randomly loses 4G connection. The only way to get it back is to manually restart the router, which isn't practical.
How can i do this?

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    Hi PlanetInfo, how about the LTE signal strength while it loses 4G connection? You may check the RSRP values on GUI Cellular WAN Status page.
  • Hi, i have the same issue. Can someone please explain how to schedule a reboot?
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    I have the same problem, it just randomly drop connection. If it connecting on LTE-A mode it happen more offten, so I set it to connect to single band now, it help a bit. there should something need to be fixed in the firmware.
  • I think the problem isn't on our (modem) side, but on the ISP/BTS's side, so reboot the modem isn't necessary, only need to reset the cellular connection, it will be faster (may be 10 seconds or less, instead of reboot the modem will make you offline for a minute or more)

    One time when i got the connection dropped, to find where the problem is I tried to reset the cellular connection instead of reboot the modem by made some changes in the settings (for example changing the 4g band) and it went online again for some hours/days. Cellular connection wasn't designed for 24/7 connectivity, phones don't have this problem because they switch between bts (and bands) very often when they move.

    So just add a function, some thing likes cellular connection reset scheduler or combination of ping watchdog for auto reset the connection.
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    I now use the LTE3316-M604 in IP pass throught mode, and connect a Asus router that supports Merlin and setup this script (  ) to monitor the WAN status and reset the WAN. That will be great if LTE3316-M604 can just add the fucntion to monitor the WAN and restore.
  • So this time changing settings in broadband section didn't help. LTE light blinking and signal light is red. Like the modem section in the unit got frozen. Reset the unit was only way to make it work again.
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    Smells like a LTE firmware path to solve the issue...

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