how to (properly) exchange disks on NSA325 (firmware NSA325_4.81(AAAJ.1))


I had 2 3TB Hitachi HDD as RAID1.
Now disk2 has died and I am willing to exchange it with something new.

Do I understand correctly the process of exchanging disks on NSA325?

1) power down NAS
2) remove disk 2 (in case of NSA325 it would be the right disk/slot)
3) start NAS and repair the volume

if and when I get another new disk, I can repeat the process as below:

1) power down NAS
2) now remove the disk 1 (which would be the left one in this situation)
3) start NAS and repair the volume
if new HDD are bigger than the old ones
4) one can extend the volume or create a new one on extra space?

Any mistakes in my understanding of the process?

Thansk, -a

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    As I know the steps on NAS325v2.
    The steps as below:
    1. Power off NSA325v2
    2. Plug-out disk2(3T HDD)
    3. Plug-in ?T HDD as disk2
    4. Repair the RAID1
    5. Repair finish
    6. Power off NSA325v2
    7. Plug-out disk1(1T HDD)
    8. Plug-in ?T HDD as disk1
    9. Repair the RAID1
    10. Repair finish
    11. Expand volume to 6T

    Moreover, my suggestion is backup your files first.

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